Security at Templafy

Templafy’s security-first approach ensures the strongest privacy and security standards, with optimized controls and processes across everything we do

We’re committed to continually raising Templafy’s security posture by complying with the highest security standards. We do this to strengthen the resilience of the organization and the solution against an evolving landscape.

Ellen Benaim, CSO at Templafy
Ellen Benaim
Chief Information Security Officer, Templafy
Our approach

Templafy is powered by enterprise-grade security. We're trusted by 600+ enterprises to meet and exceed industry standards and deliver security across every part of our platform

The right foundations

Our carefully selected team of professionals creates secure processes alongside the latest technology

Keeping abreast

We prioritize learning opportunities to ensure the continuous development of knowledge and expertise

Security-first mindset

Data protection and security form an integral part of Templay's design, architecture, and processes

Security-first mindset

Templafy's approach to security in our technology

Templafy is a security-first organization with an unwavering commitment to privacy, security, and compliance in all aspects of our product and organization.

If you want to learn more about Templafy's product and how our platform operates from a technical point of view, check out our Support article at the link below.

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