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The most common issues in marketing departments

Accessing the latest content

When the latest content is not directly at hand, employees waste time searching for what they need, and run the risk of reusing outdated content.

Distributing content globally

Updating and distributing content to every employee is a slow and resource-heavy task requiring IT expertise without real-time cloud distribution.

Disconnected content systems

Maintaining multiple content storage systems that do not speak to each other is resource-heavy and creates a complicated workflow for employees.

We’ve now taken away the excuse of ‘I didn’t know where to find it’, as the latest documents and templates are now provided in the place they work.

Lauren Robertson, Creative Marketing & Brand Director, Condeco
Lauren Robertson
Creative Marketing & Brand Director, Condeco

Solution for marketing teams

Connect marketing content to people

Intuitive content access

Templafy provides an access portal to a Library of all the latest company content directly where users need it inside document applications.

Real-time distribution

Templafy's user-friendly Admin Center puts content control in the hands of content experts - not IT - for updates and distribution in real-time.

Integrated content systems

Strong integrations with all other content storage systems, e.g. DAM, CRM, CMS, etc., provides a one-stop-shop for content access.

The Total Economic Impact report, commissioned in September 2019, demonstrates the cost savings and business benefits of Templafy.

More time for higher-value work

When content management is simple, marketing can focus on the big picture

Templafy enables marketing teams to manage, distribute, and access the latest materials in a click.

Additional resources for marketing departments

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