Templafy for financial services

Drive digital transformation with content enablement

Templafy's content enablement platform drives digital transformation efforts for financial services organizations looking to improve operational efficiency, support meaningful client relationships, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Drive operational efficiency

Templafy seamlessly integrates with existing IT tech stacks, connecting content exactly where and when needed, enabling full compliance and improving efficiencies throughout the client deliverable development process.

Support meaningful client relationships

Templafy's automation and productivity solutions increase efficiency in the client deliverable development process, giving employees more time to focus on client relationships and value-add services for customers.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Centralized content distribution and dynamic content creation workflows ensure financial services professionals can effortlessly develop client deliverables in compliance with the most recent local regulatory guidelines.

Scalable, cloud-first technology

Templafy’s cloud-based platform integrates with existing technologies to help organizations looking to replace legacy systems and build modern, lasting digital workplaces. 

Financial services professionals are held to incredibly high standards of operational efficiency and regulatory compliance as we zero in on providing top-notch value to our clients, most often through reports and deliverables. When looking for digital transformation solutions, we always ask: how can we arm our staff and partners with the tools that make that easier? Templafy does that.

Paul Vetrone
Paul Vetrone
Audit Transformation and Innovation Director, BDO Canada

The future of financial services is connected

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