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How S-RM took full control of their content and brand assets

  • Industry: Global Risk Consulting
  • Location: 6 countries
  • Number of employees: 300
About S-RM

S-RM's accessibility priorities

S-RM is one of the world’s leading global risk and intelligence consultancies that helps organizations and individuals manage regulatory, reputational and operational risks. They provide corporate intelligence, crisis management and cyber security services to clients across 140+ countries. S-RM’s global firm of over 300 experts and advisors serves clients in all regions and across all major sectors. Speaking 30+ languages, they work as one team across seven offices worldwide, combining world-class methods with deep local knowledge and insight to deliver results for their clients.

The complexity of the topics S-RM consults on are reflected in the documents they produce. However, controlling content and brand assets used in documents and presentations produced by S-RM employees across six continents proved to be difficult.

S-RM identified the issues they needed to solve. They were storing documents on an internal company server. There wasn’t a central file for templates so finding templates was a challenge, and since employees copied and pasted different parts of files there was no way to ensure the templates used contained up-to-date information and brand assets. The content lead in S-RM’s Corporate Intelligence unit, remembers that creating corporate documents was “definitely a bit of an anarchy situation.” From a brand perspective, S-RM Senior Designer, Sam O’Dowd, recalls that each template had to be made individually which was quite labor-intensive.


How S-RM provide accessibility

It became evident to S-RM that they needed a centralized system to control and distribute templates to help increase brand consistency in documents and presentations. Andy Furness, Digital Marketing Manager at S-RM, claims control has been one of the biggest changes since implementing Templafy. The Corporate Intelligence content lead adds, “Our client list is always growing and we’re always needing to come up with new products and templates to suit them. Templafy has helped us create a very direct and obvious chain with how to create and distribute new document and presentation templates.

The decision to adopt a cloud-based template platform meant that S-RM could distribute all document and presentation templates and digital assets around the world from one place. As Andy explains, “Any mass updates to document or presentation templates are far easier to make with Templafy, be they larger scale in terms of brand or smaller scale in terms of updating something across multiple reports.”

Sam adds, “Now it’s easy to make one branded template and roll it out globally to all employees, instead of needing to create millions!”

Cloud-based software made it easy for S-RM employees to access the content they may need from anywhere. If employees need to work from home, they can now access the latest document and presentation templates without needing to worry about server issues. In addition, S-RM employees have found the solution easy to use. Sam adds, “Templafy is a built-in program so if employees are already busy creating a report in Word and just want to add in a text element or icon, it’s easily accessible and you don’t have to leave the application. Same with PowerPoint if employees are creating a presentation. Templafy is already there, setup for you to use. It can’t get easier than that.”

We have better control over documents and presentations being sent off in terms of how it looks and brand compliance. We also have more control over what branding assets are available to S-RM employees and making sure they’re applied correctly across our templates.

Marlie Freitas Dos Santos
Designer, S-RM

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