Customer case: Mott MacDonald

A legacy content management system overhaul leads to painless global enablement

  • Industry: Global Engineering
  • Location: 186 offices worldwide 
  • Number of employees: 16,500

About Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the world, operating 186 offices across most countries. As a global engineering company, the Mott MacDonald team act as problem solvers, finding innovative solutions to global challenges and managing project lifecycles all the way through to construction. Mott MacDonald has hands in most major infrastructure projects worldwide, as well as local initiatives in nearby communities.  

Prior to deploying Templafy, Mott MacDonald operated with a legacy on-prem template system that had been custom-built by a third-party developer to be fully dependent on Microsoft applications. This led to three major challenges for the team:

Templates lived on-prem with all 16.5K machines, so even minor updates required weeks of disjointed, manual work. The effort spent maintaining templates was time-consuming, expensive, and “extremely painful.”

Incompatible with the modern ways of work

The legacy system had been custom-built to suit the existing requirements of the Microsoft applications of the time and was unable to support Microsoft 365 or cloud integrations.

Unreliable, corruptible tech

Document corruption was common with the legacy system. Without the in-house ability to provide support for the system, the burden of “recovering” lost content fell to the users, with one group estimating nearly 200 hours were spent redoing corrupt documents.

What Mott MacDonald found with Templafy

When evaluating possible replacement solutions, Templafy emerged as the only player in the marketplace that met – and exceeded – Mott MacDonald’s requirements. 

With Templafy’s cloud-based technology, Mott MacDonald now centrally controls all templatescontent and metadata. New and updated content is distributed to all 16.5K devices swiftly, and without the expensive invoice.

Unlike Mott MacDonald’s previous system which was built into Microsoft applications, Templafy’s solution works wherever users are creating documents. The flexibility to reuse content across applications provides Mott MacDonald’s content owners and users a new perspective on how templated information can be presented.

Mott MacDonald leveraged Templafy to update their content creation workflow and introduce dynamic templates that remove manual tasks for both IT and the end-user. This drastically improved the speed of delivery to clients and decreases the burden on IT – still with all content being compliant.  

Our users are engineers, not word experts. Templafy removes all the complexity of formatting documents which has resulted in huge gains in productivity.

Graeme Bland 
Head of IT for Productivity & Project Applications

Templafy allow us to pull the metadata into a single repository, which enables us to control the metadata and report on it. We had complete blindspots with the way that the old template system used to work. Very, very problematic for the users.

Graeme Bland 
Head of IT for Productivity & Project Applications

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