Templafy is thrilled to have accepted the grand prize- Startup of the Year- at the 2018 Nordic Startup Awards* this week!

This is a big win for Templafy when considering the impressive number of amazing companies that have come up in the Nordic startup scene in the past few years. We are very proud as a company and believe this supports our idea that you can achieve great things if you solve a real problem with your product, add top-talent, the best investors - and a lot of hard work.

The seven-member jury who each hold extensive knowledge and experience in the startup ecosystem said of Templafy, "Huge potential, long overdue, and incredible track record" and "Templafy has proven product-market fit and great user cases."

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us, our amazing investors SEED Capital Denmark, Dawn Capital, Insight Venture Partners and Damgaard Company A/S who have made our growth and innovation possible, our board who supports us everyday and of course each and every team member who has dedicated themselves to solving document anarchy!

What's next?
After winning the Startup of the Year award in the national level round (Denmark) and now the regional round (the Nordics), Templafy will advance to the bi-annually held Global Startup Awards held in Guangzhou, China on December 21, 2018. There we will compete with other regional winners from Central Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa.

We will announce when public voting opens for the global round and again, appreciate all the support!

Templafy award winning start-up of the year

*This prestigious award aims to support the success of the top 1% of startups. The founders of the award believe these are the companies which hold a unique possibility to impact the future and aim to promote and connect them throughout the Nordic region.