Templafy has partnered with leading DAM provider OpenAsset to help all employees in the architecture, construction and engineering (AEC) sectors enhance their workflows and create compliant business documents, presentations and emails faster and more accurately through a cloud-first approach. 

The Templafy OpenAsset Connector

The Connector enables employees who are creating business and marketing documents to access the correct digital assets fast. All approved company images stored in OpenAsset are accessible via Templafy's task pane, which is embedded within document applications. This new workflow means employees can quickly and easily access the company-approved images without leaving the document environment.

Using the Templafy OpenAsset Connector, employees can:

  • Find digital assets fast from directly within a PowerPoint or Word document. 
  • Insert images directly into placeholders in documents.
  • Increase the use of company-approved digital assets by providing an easy path to compliance.

This partnership with Templafy is a great opportunity for OpenAsset Customers. Our product is built around helping people to find images fast, and use them in applications. By making the process of adding images to PowerPoint and Word even easier, the OpenAsset Templafy Connector is going to have a big impact on our users' workflows.

Daniel Emerson
Co-Founder and Joint CEO, OpenAsset

How the Connector works

While employees are building business documents in Microsoft Office or G Suite applications, they can search in Templafy's task pane for images that would fit that document. With the powerful search capabilities, employees get access to only the professional-looking images stored within their OpenAsset account. Access is simple and intuitive, creating a smoother workflow and an easy path to increased and compliant usage of company-owned digital assets.

Templafy's partnership with OpenAsset enables us to serve our many thousands of existing AEC customers even better. With the Templafy OpenAsset Connector, AEC firms will be able to bring their company DAM assets directly to the applications where employees create their documents, improve employees' workflows, make compliance intuitive, and increase overall productivity.

Emil Dyrvig
Global VP, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

About OpenAsset

OpenAsset is a DAM system provider, specializing in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors. Industry-leading AEC firms worldwide rely on OpenAsset’s SaaS products to optimize marketing workflows and drive more value from their visual assets.

About Templafy

Templafy is the leading platform in SaaS template management and document automation software. Today, millions of employees in more than 400 enterprises worldwide, including leading AEC sector companies, are using Templafy to help them create perfect documents faster.

Check out our Templafy OpenAsset page here to learn more and watch a video of the Connector in action.