For the third year running, TechRadar named Templafy as one of the best document management softwares, this year placing us #1 as “An all-in-one document management solution.” Their focus this year is on the efficiency of document management systems, and how this will cause a long term beneficial impact on the organizations which are using them.

“Templafy is one of the best document management tools out there. The system aims to integrate essential office suites and solutions used by businesses on a daily basis.” -TechRadar

TechRadar offers tech insights for businesses and are continually aware of the potential of technology systems which large companies are choosing to use. They state the importance of using document management systems to save time, streamline processes, and ensure security. The elements taken into account for deciding this year's best document management system included:

  • Account price
  • Features
  • Professional reviews, and
  • User experiences.

According to TechRadar, “Templafy is one of the best document management tools out there.” They recognized our focus on compatibility with any devices, and how our software can de-fragment document workflows through software integrations, helping companies “manage [documents] in a single feed.” Additionally, they cited easy accessibility and automatic compliance checks as reasons to select Templafy as top document management software of 2019. Needless to say, we’re brimming with pride to be at the top of this year’s list!

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