To celebrate International Women’s Day, we took the opportunity to talk to Elena Nazzi, mum of two and one of the talented front end developers at Templafy!

Tell us a bit about your background

I grew up in the North East of Italy, and stayed in Italy to study both an undergraduate and post-graduate degree in computer science, before moving abroad to Copenhagen to study my PhD in Interaction Design. I didn’t actually finish the PhD, but spent five years studying the approach we have to computers, and looking at how to design for humans and computers interaction.

How long have you worked at Templafy?

I have been here for the last three years, so have seen the growth from a small company with only five or six developers, and it’s exciting to work with an ever expanding team! I’m enjoying taking on new things as a result of this, and finding different ways of working with tasks. It’s been a challenge to learn to take a step back and accept that I don’t need to know every detail though!

What do you do at Templafy?

As a UX and front end developer, I try to question what we are doing, and what the role of our product is. When we’re developing a new product, or even a new feature to an existing product, I focus on what the user is doing, and how this feature will impact them. Templafy is exciting because there are multiple different levels of user experience, from the standard end user to experts like SuperAdmins, and so it’s interesting to figure out the different users and levels, and how we can make sure the product best suits all levels.

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What is your favorite thing about the product?

We use the same view for every end user, so it’s consistent. We don’t have a product that we need to write multiple times for multiple different devices, and that means we can roll out new features across all levels, and to the benefit of all users.

What do you love about working at Templafy?

It’s great to work in a company where when we do things, we have a voice. We can challenge, and be challenged, and be a real part of creating new things. We also don’t have much of a determined structure, which means that we can really take responsibility for what we want to do, and that creates such a positive attitude. Everyone at Templafy treats you with respect, and it feels like having a big family here. I also love the multi-cultural environment, and that we’re always expanding!

What’s the best thing about living in Copenhagen?

It’s a big small city, so everything is close and it’s easy to get around! There’s lots of green areas, and you can easily get anywhere without a car. Everyone is very easy going, and there’s no shortage of things to do.
I have two young daughters, so a lot of time is spent with them, and doing kids’ activities. We have subscriptions to Tivoli Gardens and Louisiana art museum, so it’s nice to be able to make the most of the places nearby. I also go to cross fit and try and go running (when it’s not so cold!)

How do you keep up with tech?

I go to lots of tech meet ups, which are like free study groups. It’s great to meet people who think like you, and it also gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself by going to groups about elements of the industry that you know less about. I’ve met lots of people who work in other companies through this, and so I also gain an overview of how other companies run.

Any final thoughts?

It’s maybe not an easy or obvious choice for women to go into tech, but I wish we were more! There’s no reason more women shouldn’t go into tech, and we should be better at giving everyone an introduction to this so more people have the opportunity.