If you were to visit the ground floor of our Copenhagen offices on a normal day, you’d find a corner of hard-working individuals who make up the majority of Templafy’s Customer Success team.

This is the team that really holds the organization together – they’re proactive, friendly, and enthusiastic individuals who provide vital support to each and every one of our clients throughout their entire Templafy journey. From understanding why a customer has implemented Templafy, to helping them improve their usage, and supporting them through new product updates, Customer Success is there at every step of the journey to answer any concerns or queries and ensure everything runs smoothly.

That’s not where their work ends though – they also use their expertise to help out within the Templafy team, liaising closely with Account Managers, providing support for Marketing, offering inspiration for sales calls, and answering queries anyone may have from their vast experience with different clients.

We sat down to talk with Lærke and Jacob, two of our Customer Success Managers, to get an insight on the world of Customer Success, how they approach their work, and what they love about it.

Firstly, could you both please introduce yourselves?

Lærke: My name is Lærke, and I’m a Customer Success Manager here at Templafy. I’ve been here since April 2019.

Jacob: My name is Jacob, and I’m in the Customer Success Team at Templafy. I’ve been at Templafy for 2 years now, and I’ve been part of the Customer Success team for a year. Before, I was working in the Sales team as a BDR – it was really good fun, but I wanted to start helping build relationships with the customers and working with the clients we already had, so Customer Success felt like a really good fit.

What does a day in the life of Customer Success look like?

Jacob: There are so many tasks: every single day and every single client is a little bit different. Some days, I feel like we’re talking to clients all day every day, and other days it’s doing things in the background, taking their queries via email and that sort of thing.

Lærke: I really agree. I think our workdays always have to adapt to which clients we’re facing, so it always depends on what stage our clients are in, and what we can help them with. That goes from working on a kick-off meeting - preparing a client for migrating or implementing Templafy - all the way down to planning their launch, to taking them through their usage data and discussing how their experience with Templafy is.

Another one of the very important things that we do in Customer Success is stakeholder management: making sure that all the different departments that need to be working with a client on an account have the right information and the right tools to do so.

What attitude do you bring to your work?

Lærke: I think one of the first things I was told when I started as a Customer Success Manager was that you need to be the one who gets the customer psyched about having Templafy. And I think it’s actually one of the things I really took with me – you have to be the person that gets the client psyched: Yes! We’re launching! This is going to be amazing! You’re going to be so happy about this!

You have to be the person that gets the client psyched: Yes! We’re launching! This is going to be amazing! You’re going to be so happy about this!

Lærke Andreasen
Customer Success Manager, Templafy

Because you’re that person who’s going to be in the sweet spot – you’re not trying to sell them anything, you’re not helping them with any issues that they’re currently having, hopefully, so you’re in that really nice space where you can actually get them on your side.

Jacob: Yeah, 100%. And I think that excitement is infectious. We have to try and build that a lot of times, especially when clients come in quite nervous about the amount of work they’re going to have to do to get Templafy to a point where they want it, we’re the ones who are having to go ‘This is going to be so much fun!’ And it is!

Lærke: Yeah, you’re gonna spend a lot of time, but it’s going to be amazing!

How do you develop a relationship with new customers?

Lærke: Whenever we get a new account, we always get briefed from the Account Executive or Account Manager who sold Templafy to that client. Because, at that point, they are the person that knows the most about the account. They know who they’re talking to, what their buy-in was, what they’re interested in, and what they hope to solve with Templafy.

But from that point on, we will always be adapting to, not especially the industry or size of the account, but who we’re talking to. So, who is the business owner? Who is the person that we need to have to drive this project?

I think what we sometimes experience with clients is that they are a little bit afraid of us in the beginning. They think that we want to sell them a lot of things now that they’ve already purchased Templafy, but we simply want the clients to know that we’re there, as a service from Templafy, to ensure they get the best experience that they can get.

working 3

Jacob: We spend a lot of time just listening to the client at the beginning, after that individual handover, when we know more about their specific use case and what it is that they’re trying to achieve with Templafy. Then when we’re moving them forwards, we’re still listening to them and getting more and more information. It’s all about making them feel heard.

It’s really exciting, you see so many different people from all over the world, and how they want to do business, and how they want Templafy to help them do business. You also get to swap these cool stories and build up these friendships with people from the other side of the world. It’s really great.

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What do you enjoy about working in Customer Success?

Lærke: I think what I love the most about being in Customer Success is the fact that no days are the same. You always get new challenges depending on which clients you’re working on, which stakeholders you’re working with, and which projects you’re working on together with those clients. And when you get to that point where a client really succeeds, the usage is amazing, and the client is happy, that’s just the sweet spot!

Jacob: I couldn’t agree more! I think one of the best things about being in Customer Success is that you’re with the client from the very beginning of their relationship with Templafy - from the moment they very first kick off, and then you continue with that relationship right through to their (hopefully) infinite amount of renewals.

I think one of the best things about being in Customer Success is that you’re with the client from the very beginning of their relationship with Templafy

Jacob Buckles-Price
Customer Success Manager, Templafy

So I think the most rewarding thing about being in the Customer Success team is building and nurturing those relationships with the clients that we have, and helping them build upon the use cases that they bought Templafy for, and helping them expand on them too, as they go forwards.

Also, the team that we have in Customer Success is amazing. I think that’s one thing that I look forward to every day when I come into the office and know that I can work with these guys and have a lot of fun during our days. Even if it’s down to remote working as well, we can have a good relationship so we can always jump on zoom calls, have a good catch up – it’s always fun!

laerke broll

What makes a great Customer Success Manager?

Jacob: Being able to adapt to all those different situations!

Lærke: Being a team player!

Jacob: There’s plenty of roles that can be filled in the Customer Success team. You need to be able to build relationships with the customers, and get on well with them, and be personable with them. But you also need to be direct and try and own the relationship that they have with Templafy and use your experience to guide them as well.

Lærke: I think in the team we are really good at utilizing each other and our own interests, but also our experience with different accounts and different fields. We spend a lot of time just sharing the knowledge we have - whenever we have an issue with a client or need some feedback or some new ideas, we ask each other.

Jacob: Yeah, I agree - we have a great team where we can just go to each other and ask for help and advice or support on individual cases.

We also have good knowledge sharing meetings, where we try and pick cases with particular clients and share them and those experiences with the team - especially our successes and failures and what we can do better. I think we have a really good culture of that on our team.