If you are an IT manager in today’s work environment, you know how it usually goes. From help desk to servers to cloud-based apps – among the ever-growing list of job duties, you are tasked with overseeing your company’s entire technology infrastructure, trying to shield sensitive corporate information from cyber attacks and fraud while consulting with upper-level management in an effort to push through important technology decisions.

IT project management is becoming increasingly more complex, and you probably need all the help you can get to stay on top of your many responsibilities without falling victim to 80-hours workweeks.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tech tools available to cut through the chaos. Delivered as a cloud-based service as a software (SaaS), they allow for fast deployment, easy troubleshooting, and visibility into the status of network devices and applied applications to help you effectively manage the awful lot of IT tasks piling up daily.

Here are 5 handy SaaS IT project management gadgets that automate your company’s IT services. If you haven’t packed them into your IT toolkit already, make sure you give them a go.


Judging by their raves about the open-source IT management software, Spiceworks users are a loyal bunch for good reasons – it is the Swiss Army Knife among IT project management tools. Gathering a host of practical functionalities in just one app, Spiceworks lets you stay on the ball with inventory and keep track of network activity to access information on all the devices connected to your company’s network. This allows you to swiftly pull those often-requested IT reports that can, when carried out manually, easily eat up your time (we’re sure you’ve been there).

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IT Manager

Just because IT managers are usually on the hop and rarely at their desks shouldn't stop them from managing their tasks. Designed to help IT administrators work on the go and yet stay on top of everything, IT Manager is a cloud-based app with a simple interface that lets you manage VMWare, Windows, Active Directory, SSH, and many other applications remotely from any mobile device.


Add some fun to your help desk ticketing (yes, that is possible) with ServiceNow, a nifty IT project management cloud service aimed to spice up tech support by providing an interactive interface that both IT managers and end-users go into raptures about. While you can use the mobile version of the service to check in from underway, end-users can place tickets and keep track of status updates as well as open a chat session or request help akin to the way they usually make online purchases.


Lansweeper gives you a leg up when creating reports about the devices connected to your company’s network. Tapping the power of the cloud, the IT project management app provides all the information you need, and allows you to automate software deployment in order to save a whole lot of time. Instead of installing new pieces of software and deploy software updates on every single device, you can use Lansweeper to push them out to all devices from the server at the same time.


ManageEngine is an extensive on-demand IT project management software comprising a suite of services to help automate Active Directory, set up mobile device policies, deploy desktop images, and further. On top of that, the cloud solution also provides an array of freely available tools for Microsoft Windows and Android administrators including functionalities to ping servers and websites.

With ServiceDesk Plus, you get a SaaS help-desk application based on ITIL. The suite includes a self-service portal along with a web-based knowledge hub, SLA management, email integration, and multi-site support. When on the road, you can utilize the mobile version of the service (available for Android and iOS) to manage your IT project tasks.

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As an IT manager, you are tasked daily with overseeing complex tech processes to keep your company’s network up and running smoothly while securing sensitive business and client data at all times. It sounds daunting. But the good news is, with the right tools in place, much of your work can be automated, allowing for immediate access to the information you need to take critical decisions swiftly and report on performance at any time without putting a strain on your time resources.